Welcome to the Simple Storyteller!

All my life I have been seeking stories, the same ones over and over for bedtime, my grandfather’s stories about growing up, or my uncle’s tales of working on a peanut farm. I asked my family for stories from their day and frequently found ways to share my own.

Then I discovered books. A million stories and a million people telling them. My parents read aloud to my sisters and I. We traveled from Ancient Britain held by Picts to the antebellum South, we went into wardrobes and down dark tunnels, but always found our way out again in time for bed. At bedtime my parents played radio dramas and audiobooks along with music and I have been  devouring books in all mediums ever since.

The natural outgrowth of this was story writing of my own all through my middle school and teen years. I also delved into blogging during that time and founded a newspaper for my school, which I kept running single handedly for three years.

As an adult, I’ve written for professional blogs, finished a novel, and became a history and literature teacher. I have my Bachelors in Anthropology which enabled me to study language and story variance in cultures.

Fortunately, my husband is beyond supportive and it is due to him that I’m the proud owner of an Underwood Rhythm Touch typewriter. We have a toddler who already chooses books over toys and will cheer up other children by throwing books at them until they feel better. This hardly ever works.

– Kate Myers