Part Cookbook, Part Memoir

I wanted to call this “Books that make cooking so attractive, I will stop reading and make ravioli.” When it came down to it though, that title did not get enough pull with Search Engine Optimization. We all have guilty pleasures. For me it is calming soul filling books that speak to people’s experience around the world and the foods that shape them.

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10 Types of Toddler Books: Part 1

There is so much to manage as a parent. Aside from the basics of keeping a small person alive who has a knack for finding the one door you didn’t childproof, there are school, activities, meals, and down time to manage. All the research points to reading being a key influence in the mental strengthening of us and our kids, but most of the time we have no idea what books will make either of us grow.   This is one way you can assess your child’s bookshelf and perhaps discover a few new gems to share. There will be books listed here, but it is not just a book list. It is a category list.

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How to Read Aloud: Physical Skills

Many would have been readers were cut short by teachers who, out of desperation for student involvement or determination to maintain a tradition, insisted students stand up and read chunks of unwieldy text without context or an understanding of visual cues. This resulted in slow readers stumbling through sentences until everyone has forgotten the topic while swift readers are so busy thinking about how much better they could read the passage that they lose track of the content. Continue reading “How to Read Aloud: Physical Skills”

How to Read Aloud: Mental Skills

In the nineteenth century, it was common to spend long afternoons reading aloud to one another while doing other functional tasks. Books were the most common form of entertainment and they were enjoyed by groups at cards or sewing.  Unless you count doing laundry while listening to the latest Audible read, this tradition has petered out.

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The Habit That Beats Writer’s Block

The first time I had writer’s block I was eight years old. I had written seventy five pages of a story and didn’t know how to keep going. I hit the doldroms of the mid-story point for the first time and  didn’t know what to do.

Unfortunately, I made a decision in that moment that would impact my storytelling for the next decade.

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