Memorization Journal

I keep a separate journal for many things including memorization. I like to have my journal’s focused and address through form and content the task at hand. For memorizing, I need to track progress, inspire contemplation, review, and remember what I’ve already written down to memorize.

Memorization is the basic tool for discipline. Whether it is Shakespeare or Psalm 119, it focuses the thought, encourages application, and invites reflection. It gives your wise words from others when you have none yourself. And for me, it is an active tool against postpartum depression. I am planning to stock up my journal full of life giving words, so that I can discipline my mind at three am when I haven’t had sleep for a week.

The practical side of this: My memorization journal is small. Currently, itis a ringged index card booklet. I keep one verse or one stanza on the front side and track memorization and review on the backside. can flip it open with one hand and review a passage. It holds itself open and keeping the tracking section in a different part helps me focus on just the words.

How do you memorize and why?