Write Your Novel

There is an old maxim that everyone has at least one book inside them. I think sometimes that there may be one book for everyone and many books are locked up inside the heads of those like Rowling and King.

Do you have a book inside you? Do you want to write something, but you haven’t figured it out yet.

Sometimes you just need to dive in and get going.

Have you spent years planning, but getting past the blinking cursor feels impossible?

Its time.

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Write Your Novel

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Why Spellcheck is Hurting Your Writing

Using spell check is one of the most convenient things in our world. As a self proclaimed grammar nazi and a fastidious wordsmith, the right word at the right time is vital, but I have never worried too much about spelling. It was always something I did mostly right. When I didn’t, there was a safety net.
That is, until I got a typewriter.

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My Story: How I Made Time for Books

There are sixty seconds in a minute. According to some law, the quantity of things we have to do will adjust to fit the time we have to do it.  My old piano teacher always said, “You will never find time. You must make time.”  I have been making time to read and write since I was seven. It is a struggle to preserve and value the habits through life’s many stages.  The battle for it came out again when we had our first baby a month before I was starting my first year of teaching, but stories are vital for me. So we found a way.  Whatever your goals are, you can go for them.

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You, Me, and…

We were studying for finals, or singing Disney songs at the top of our lungs, which is just part of the process if you think about it. I was probably showing off my superb ability to match both Aladdin’s and Jasmine’s voices in A Whole New World. Super cool.

Then we heard a scream. We live in mountain lion country, so our first thought was that one was in the house. So I did the most logical thing and charged down the hallway into the living room. You were close behind me, thinking I had lost my mind. I may have been going for the shotgun in retrospect, but some recollections are fuzzy. Continue reading “You, Me, and…”

Stories In Progress: April 2017

I am a bibliophage, a devourer of books. Bibliophile is the more accepted term, but as a writer, finding the right word to fit the moment is something of an obsession.

To me, reading is like breathing in and writing is breathing out. They are natural parts of each other. I can always tell when I have writer’s block because my reading short circuits and vice versa.

One of the best pieces of advice came from an author who said the more books you have going, the more you will read. He was consistently reading seven to twelve books at time.

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10 Types of Toddler Books: Part 1

There is so much to manage as a parent. Aside from the basics of keeping a small person alive who has a knack for finding the one door you didn’t childproof, there are school, activities, meals, and down time to manage. All the research points to reading being a key influence in the mental strengthening of us and our kids, but most of the time we have no idea what books will make either of us grow.   This is one way you can assess your child’s bookshelf and perhaps discover a few new gems to share. There will be books listed here, but it is not just a book list. It is a category list.

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How to Read Aloud: Physical Skills

Many would have been readers were cut short by teachers who, out of desperation for student involvement or determination to maintain a tradition, insisted students stand up and read chunks of unwieldy text without context or an understanding of visual cues. This resulted in slow readers stumbling through sentences until everyone has forgotten the topic while swift readers are so busy thinking about how much better they could read the passage that they lose track of the content. Continue reading “How to Read Aloud: Physical Skills”