The Task At Hand

A baby was born, books were read, words were written, and education progressed. The seasons changed and now we’re looking at the road ahead.

There is only so much time and I have spent the last month or so thinking about how I want to spend that time. The answer, dearly, does not flesh that out very well. However, like a girl picking her prom dress, I know my time is unique to me and how I put it all together will matter. The big ones, given by God, are the wifing and mothering. All else concedes to those.  Also, as a family we are in an intense phase of life with school and family growth, etcetera. 

All of that coming together made me stop and look critically at how I spend every other moment of my day. Also, in this there are two non negotiable. 

A) I need to steward my body for my family

B) I still should be capable of maintaining a godly house and appearance. 

In the last month everything went on the chopping block. And the results are in. 

Picking Up The Pace


I am starting a directed reading plan for the next year in order to cut out time wasted in browsing my online libraries. This is what I did instead of Facebook and potentially I waste more time by reading whatever was available.  

Readings and reviews will be posted here. 


As far as the different writing projects go, editing comes first, then new novel development. I’m tracking word count. The goal is to have my first novel in beta reads by the end of the summer and my second in edits around the same time. 

Also, I will be experimenting in writing a new novel on my typewriter. 


The blog is not an end in itself. However, it is a tool to discuss and chart stories. There is much to write about. I’m limiting my post writing to thirty minutes per day. If I have that big of a time chunk, I should be editing or writing my novel. 

Time’s up. 

I need to learn to type faster.