My Story: How I Made Time for Books

There are sixty seconds in a minute. According to some law, the quantity of things we have to do will adjust to fit the time we have to do it.  My old piano teacher always said, “You will never find time. You must make time.”  I have been making time to read and write since I was seven. It is a struggle to preserve and value the habits through life’s many stages.  The battle for it came out again when we had our first baby a month before I was starting my first year of teaching, but stories are vital for me. So we found a way.  Whatever your goals are, you can go for them.

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Bookstore Review: Indy Reads Books

As we were driving up to this little gem, my husband was complaining about my GPS. It took us off the highway a couple exits early, directed us through construction and a warehouse district, before squeezing us down a back alley, and delivering us at the perfectly passable main road. My GPS has always been that way. It tried to take me to Lebanon of Middle Eastern origins when I was two miles away from Lebanon, Indiana. I started to wonder if we were being hoodwinked again when we pulled into the parking lot.

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5 Ways to Make Time To Read More

     Whether it is starting a habit you have always wanted or increasing the quality of the one you have, there are several ways to start strong. Reading is something you can do in post offices, bathrooms, and at particularly boring parties after raiding the snacks. It has less to do with creating a space for it in your home, like you would for studying, and more to do with seeing the time you have in a different way.

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You, Me, and…

We were studying for finals, or singing Disney songs at the top of our lungs, which is just part of the process if you think about it. I was probably showing off my superb ability to match both Aladdin’s and Jasmine’s voices in A Whole New World. Super cool.

Then we heard a scream. We live in mountain lion country, so our first thought was that one was in the house. So I did the most logical thing and charged down the hallway into the living room. You were close behind me, thinking I had lost my mind. I may have been going for the shotgun in retrospect, but some recollections are fuzzy. Continue reading “You, Me, and…”