Stories In Progress: April 2017

I am a bibliophage, a devourer of books. Bibliophile is the more accepted term, but as a writer, finding the right word to fit the moment is something of an obsession.

To me, reading is like breathing in and writing is breathing out. They are natural parts of each other. I can always tell when I have writer’s block because my reading short circuits and vice versa.

One of the best pieces of advice came from an author who said the more books you have going, the more you will read. He was consistently reading seven to twelve books at time.

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Towering Terrors: Dante’s Inferno and a Gateway Novel

Whether it is page count, writing style, or meandering content, some books are notorious for their difficulty and inaccessibility. But I think, unlike most villains, they are genuinely misunderstood. The Tolstoys, Rands, and Hugos of the world have a lot to offer, if you can get a foot in the door.

One of the worst things about the best books is that they end. Books always stop just as we have fallen in love with the world and understood the complexities of it. The best thing about the small mountains we’re looking at in this series is that they never seem to end. There is more story to be had.

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Part Cookbook, Part Memoir

I wanted to call this “Books that make cooking so attractive, I will stop reading and make ravioli.” When it came down to it though, that title did not get enough pull with Search Engine Optimization. We all have guilty pleasures. For me it is calming soul filling books that speak to people’s experience around the world and the foods that shape them.

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